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portagon Automates Compliance Conformity for Investments in Alternative Investments with Effecta

portagon and Effecta, the liability umbrella specializing in online subscription processes, jointly provide a solution for automated investment compliance validation.

Frankfurt am Main, August 2, 2023 – portagon, the technology infrastructure provider for alternative investments in the private markets, and Effecta, the liability umbrella specialized in online-based subscription processes, offer a joint solution for automated validation of investment compliance. This enables financial investments by private investors to be processed not only with regulatory certainty, but also in a way that mitigates errors and is significantly faster than manual workflows. Via a technical interface, data and documents are integrated into the systems of asset managers, alternative asset managers, and financial intermediaries in a validated manner.

portagon automates compliance conformity for investments in alternative investments with Effecta

  • Joint software solution for automated compliance validation of financial distribution assets
  • Accelerated and efficient verification of compliance requirements
  • Digitalization offers scalability in servicing private investors

Digital solutions play a critical role for product providers in the private markets, such as asset managers and fund issuers, by increasing efficiency and enabling scalability. Digital distribution channels in particular open opportunities for these providers to address a broader group of investors. This enables them to integrate private and semi-professional investors such as family offices and high net worth individuals, who represent a significantly more diversified group compared to institutional investors.

Foto von Johannes Laub, CEO und Co-Founder portagon

Johannes Laub

CEO & Co-Founder

"With this cooperation, we are setting new standards in innovation in private markets and offer a new level of efficiency."

“With this cooperation, we are setting new standards in innovation in private markets and offer a new level of efficiency to both our existing and new customers. Effecta and portagon are both pioneers in the field of processing regulatory secure sales processes in alternative investments. Together, we want to open the private markets for private investors with scalable digital solutions for both asset managers and alternative asset managers,” said Johannes Laub, CEO and Co-Founder of portagon.

The automated validation of the compliance conformity of investments in alternative investments is another milestone in the continuous expansion of portagon’s integrative ecosystem. This already includes legitimation and payment providers, marketing tools and more, in addition to liability umbrellas. Within this system, partners can select the solutions that are relevant and desired by them for the digitalization of their financial sales at the click of a button.

About portagon

As a pioneer in digital finance, portagon creates easy, independent, and reliable access to the private markets. With the leading technological infrastructure and best-in-class ecosystem, we connect issuers, distributors, and investors to complete transactions securely, quickly, and cost-efficiently.

About Effecta

Effecta is a securities institution licensed to provide investment brokerage and investment advisory services. The affiliated sales organizations within the liability umbrella are largely specialized in their fields of activity and predominantly use sales processes without media discontinuity. Effecta GmbH exclusively provides the service of the permit facts in the process architecture. IT services of the workflow processes are provided by technical white label providers like portagon.

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