portagon is the new generation of digital finance

Raising capital, digitising your financial business or building your own investment platform: portagon is for founders, project developers, financial agents and visionaries of the private capital market. portagon is for growth.

More about portagon

Along with our customers, we are the digital generation of the private capital market. Launched as CrowdDesk in 2015, we now have more than 300 customers who rely on our solutions. Over €200 million in capital was raised successfully using portagon software.

The problem The problem

Complex processes and regulatory hurdles, a dependency on banks and little room for innovative financial instruments.

Does that sum up your experiences of the traditional capital market?

The solution The solution

We use our technology to open up the potential of the private capital market and make it accessible to everyone. Partner with portagon to activate your personal financing network.

Are you ready for the digital capital market?

portagon go

Our software

portagon go is the core of our ecosystem – an investment solution developed for your growth: you control your entire digital financing project via the dashboard.

Are you looking to raise capital for your company or project?

You can do that online – quickly, simply and legally compliant – with portagon's all-in-one solution. You can use your own website to attract capital on your own terms, with no prior technical knowledge required.


For company and project financing

  • all-in-one solution
  • simple & fast
  • automatic & secure
  • on your specific terms
  • acquire up to €5 million in capital
From €630 monthly
You display the investment button and market your issues – and leave the smooth running to us.
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Do you want to build a platform or digitise your business model?

Whether adding an innovative platform to expand your business model, reaching customers or making financial assets available digitally, we offer the appropriate software solution and the corresponding ecosystem.


For financial services,
project development
and platforms
  • all-in-one solution
  • scalable
  • required licenses provided
  • customisable investment process
  • collect unlimited capital
On request
We work with you to develop your digital business model.
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More than just software
More than just software
We link all of our customers together with access to the platform for all. This allows us to create fresh potential for everyone of them. Together we are next – the next generation capital market.
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Everyone has the freedom to create value – with easy access to capital, anytime, anywhere.

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