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Unlock Potential by Increasing Your AUM with Private Investors.

In a highly competitive market, gaining an early advantage is of paramount importance. Leverage the vast potential of private investors to be ahead of the curve.

Access to private investors at an institutional level.

With our all-in-one solution, you access private investors without any additional effort compared to institutional clients.

Streamline and scale distribution of alternative investments.

Leverage our unparalleld network of over 350 wholesalers and IFAs to effectively raise capital.

From a single-channel to a multi-channel distribution model.

Benefit from the economies of scale offered by our digital and multidimensional distribution platform.

Streamline onboarding of your investors.

Traditional onboarding of new investors requires a substantial investment of time and resources.

With portagon go, you not only expedite the process but also mitigate costly manual errors, all while ensuring adherence with current regulations.

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Amplify Your Sales Power.

The sales process can occasionally be the bottleneck to achieving faster growth.

With our digital marketplace, portagon next, you gain access to over 350 distribution partners, thereby enhancing your presence and vastly extending your reach to affluent private investors.

Ensure Compliant Management of Alternative Investments.

More than just a platform: Compliance adherence in digital processes, whether it’s for Capital Calls, Order Routing, Settlement, or Investor Accreditation. We ensure that you meet all compliance and regulation requirements.

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What makes the ELTIF attractive to asset managers?

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