New digital Advisory Suite from portagon
minimises legal and liability risks in financial investment advice

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Published on 28. June 2022
  • Software solution in line with MiFID requirements for banks and investment advisors
  • Queries on sustainability preferences (ESG), mandatory as of 2 August, taken into account
  • New Advisory Suite to be launched as a white label solution in July 2022

Frankfurt, 29. June 2022

The Frankfurt-based fintech company portagon that digitises complex financial market processes is launching the Advisory Suite, a digital advisory process for financial investment advice, in July 2022. The software solution facilitates the advisory process for bank and investment advisors and minimises their legal and liability risks and, if applicable, those of their institutions. The Advisory Suite maps the financial investment advice with the regulations proposed by the Markets in Financial Instruments Directive (MiFID) and specific compliance requirements.


The Advisory Suite allows for bank and investment advisors to hold meetings with their customers without being bound to a specific location, through video calls. They can manage all regulatory binding steps of the financial investment advice online, including documentation, while having a personal conversation. Sustainability criteria (Environmental, Social, Governance – ESG), which will presumably be mandatory from 2 August 2022, are already included in the software solution.


A key component of the Advisory Suite is the suitability check which is regulatory binding and requires information on the customer’s personal and financial situation, investment objectives and risk profile. This information is compared with target markets and investment products stored in the portagon system, which results in a suitability comparison. If the match between the data is positive, the investor can proceed to invest in the product which has been selected.


“The requirements for investor protection have increased enormously since the financial crisis of 2008/2009, and the legal and liability risks for bank and investment advisors are correspondingly high,” says Johannes Laub, founder and CEO of portagon. “Our Advisory Suite reduces these risks considerably and manages the operational burden completely digitally. The advisors save time and can focus on better investment recommendations for their customers.”


Customer data retrieved during the advisory process remains permanently stored with the lead institution or the advisor. Accordingly, the financial investment advice can be continued at a later point in time after the suitability check and documentation have been completed. In accordance with MiFID requirements, the advisory meeting is recorded. Upon request by third parties, e.g. the internal audit department, accounting companies or a supervisory authority such as the German Federal Financial Supervisory Authority (Bundesanstalt für Finanzdienstleistungsaufsicht – BaFin), the recording can be made accessible at any time.


The Advisory Suite is to be further developed in the future. The analysis of the data obtained in the process will be key for investment advisors to give better investment recommendations and market their own products in a more targeted manner. In addition, through networking via the portagon infrastructure, banks and investment advisors can also offer their investors products from other issuers after electronic approval.


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