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Digitize and streamline your investment processes.
portagon’s software solution enables you to standardize
your investment process, fully automated and paperless.

Benefits at a Glance

Digitalization of your Processes

Digitalization of your Processes

From investor accreditation, the KYC/AML process and setting up your product, to investor management and reporting.
Risk Mitigation

Risk Mitigation

User-friendly advisory processes that are digitalized end-to-end, help prevent operational errors and mitigate liability risks.
Investor Insights

Investor Insights

Gain valuable insights on your investors and thus tailor your products to their exact needs.

The capital invested by private investors in Germany has nearly doubled in the last two years.

As the private capital market attracts more agile and sophisticated investors, the internet plays an increasingly crucial role in their selection and consultation process. This shift is intensifying competition among providers of alternative investment products. Furthermore, stricter regulations on the sale of financial products are exposing providers to increased legal and liability risks. Traditional means of managing these risks result in higher costs and complexity, especially as the number of investors seeking consultation grows.

Stay ahead of the competition

portagon’s high-performance digital solution enables faster and more cost-effective processing of ever-increasing investment amounts. Our standardized subscription processes, paired with consulting documentation, help you save time and costs while mitigating liability risks and avoiding operational errors..

A further challenge arises as both investors and distribution partners are approaching a generational change.

Expanding to new target groups is therefore becoming increasingly relevant and requires an adjustment of processes: the greater digital affinity and increasing diversity of the target groups make it essential to make financial products digitally accessible and to move away from purely analog processes.

portagon enables you to digitize the access to financial products, and optimize your product offering as well as consultation based on extensive investor insights.

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Niklas Marx Business Development Manager