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portagon provides the infrastructure for digital transactions and creates the ecosystem for the private capital market. Our software solution, "portagon go", activates and monetises networks to provide a flexible component for digital financing. This is how we're breaking new ground in the democratisation of capital. Our solution gives companies smart, legally secure and independent access to the capital market of the future. For investors, this means understanding what moves their money – increasing purpose and transparency. We are a flexible partner for various stakeholders in the world of finance – including financial intermediaries and banks – when it comes to handling processes digitally and in compliance with the law. We are the digital generation of the private capital market.
Our corporate identity is rooted in portagon's values, which guide our daily dealings with both our colleagues and our clients. Here are some examples of how we put them into practice every day:
go impact
Promoting innovation where it is needed
Together, we can achieve great things. As an example, we are supporting the generation of environmentally friendly electricity in places where access to it is urgently needed. Africa GreenTec (based in Hesse, Germany) uses special solar containers to generate and supply electricity in remote areas of the African continent and in return granted participation rights. Although conventional investors were reluctant to get involved, portagon’s software solution helped to raise the necessary capital in return.
go win
We believe that it's important to celebrate successes
Working on our joint mission isn't just a matter of putting in the time; it also involves our emotions. That goes for all of us. When we achieve goals, we celebrate as a team. In 2021, we successfully completed our Series A financing round and raised €8.5 million for our ongoing growth.
go solve
Full speed ahead to the new dashboard
Problem — solution: the path from identifying a problem to developing a solution is not always straightforward. Our product team used a design sprint and demonstrated that things can still move quickly. We developed a new, real-time dashboard for our software in just 15 weeks.
go service
Making life easier for our customers
Spotlight on user experience: We have successfully implemented a self-service tool to make it easier for our users to bring in new issuers, create an API key or link up with affiliates.
go together
Team first
From virtual quizzes to the summer party: the appreciation of our employees and our team culture are enourmously important to us. At portagon, a passionate team handles events, get-togethers and more for all our colleagues.



portagon people

The founders

The founders

Founders Johannes Laub and Jamal El Mallouki have known each other since childhood. They were convinced that decentralised forms of financing are an alternative to bank loans: a civic and at the same time entrepreneurial investment of money. The two friends bundle their knowledge they have gained in different entrepreneurial pursuits into a software solution. In 2015, the pivot follows and with it the launch of CrowdDesk. The goal: to provide companies with easy access to the private capital market. In 2021, CrowdDesk becomes portagon and by now portagon counts more than 280 customers – yet our story is just about to begin.

Facts about us

Frankfurt Our home
2015 Founding
30 years Our average age
60 Colleagues
+80% The increase in our core sales in 2021 over the previous year
€82 million The amount of capital raised via our software in 2021 alone